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I have trained for as long as I can remember and could never get to where I wanted to be with one body part or another - but me and the wife booked to go and watch our friends get married in Las Vegas, so that was when I thought, I want to get in the best possible shape I could - as it was a great occasion, and one I wanted to be feeling and looking my best for.

This is why I contacted Kirk. I basically said “get me as ripped as you can”!!! 

I have learnt so much from Kirk, especially technique and how to lift weights properly. But the main thing I learnt the most about was my diet. I always could diet but what Kirk did was make it feel like it was never dieting. I was never hungry, and I always had enough energy to get me through my hectic life. He was with me every step of the way and is such a great motivator, especially through the hard times.

Throughout my training, I was trying to run my two businesses - as well as look after my baby girl and wife. 

At the end I had never felt better, and was buzzing with confidence. He is truly a master in the fitness game, and if you are looking for the best possible results yourself, go and see 'Kirkyboy'. He is a top lad.


After years of yo-yo dieting, I was introduced to Kirk and told he would "sort me out"! At first talking to him I felt like he wouldn't be able to tell me anything I didn't already know, but boy was I wrong! Working with Kirk, it a two way relationship and he certainly doesn't take any shit(!) but at the same time is a realist when it comes to "life" and your own personal circumstances and routines - which are all taken into your personalised plan. You can watch his videos and see what his doing, but the "secret" is within his teaching and life coaching which will change your body and mentality - not just for the summer, but for life!